A One Day Workshop for Educators, Child Welfare Caseworkers, Self-

Sufficiency Caseworkers, Juvenile Justice Staff, Foster Care Parents, Head Start Parents and Staff, Health Care Navigators, Parent Leaders, CASA Volunteers—anyone working with children and families in our region.

Presented by SaintA, national trauma-informed care specialists, at no costs to participants–thanks to funding by AllCare, Jackson Care Connect and PrimaryHealth, and to support from ACE Interface, Kairos, Southern Oregon Success and the Medford School District.

Tuesday, April 11, 8:30 am to 5 pm

Medford School District Education Center

815 So. Oakdale

Presented on Two Tracks: One for educators focusing on implementing practices for trauma-informed schools, and the other for Human Services & Public Safety professionals and volunteers to help guide their work with children and families.
Morning Session:

Seven Essential Ingredients (7ei) of Trauma Informed Care

Introduction to the SaintA frame of trauma informed practice, focusing on: Prevalence, Impact, Perspective Shift, Regulation, Relationship, Reason to Be and Caregiver Capacity.

Afternoon Session:

Seven Essential Ingredients (7ei) of Trauma Informed Care: Application

This training takes the established language and conceptual frame from the Introduction and affords the opportunity to see and practice operationalizing the core concepts.  Participants are involved in a variety of experiential learning activities that help create a template for practice change.


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