College and Career for All

The College and Career for All work group (formerly known as School 2 Work) under SouthernKids at Careers in Gear Oregon Success has been focused on transitioning students from high school to college or other post-secondary training so that they can pursue a career.

In 2012 every high school in the region was interviewed with a Post Secondary Encouragement Tool (PSET) to determine what support was needed to help link students to careers. Five themes emerged:

1. Difficulty connecting students to work experience or development of career skills

2. Access to mental health and human services

3. Engaging parents in post-secondary encouragement and planning.

4. Data collection and analysis can be challenging in identifying students at risk, for post-secondary activities, and for dual credit outcomes.

5. Creating a post-secondary culture is a community effort. The value of post-secondary training and career success is quite varied around the region.

The College and Career for All work group has been working collaboratively to find solutions related to each of these themes. Sub-groups have been convening in the following areas:

  • Dual Credit programs with local colleges
  • Career Related Learning (CRLE) which includes job shadow programs, career fairs, internships, and tech talks
  • Career Technical Education
  • STEM Hub development (linking students to opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

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