Healthy Youth

In Jackson County, 26.7% of the children are living in poverty, more than one in four. In Josephine County, it is 30.7% or almost one in three. Poverty is a systematic issue that affects youth and family health.  According to the Children’s First ranking, Jackson County ranks 33 out of 36 counties in the rate of homeless youth. Josephine County ranks 27th.

These are big issues, with many factors combining to influence outcomes. In order to track progress over the short term, Southern Oregon Success identified specific metrics related to health that could be easily monitored. The metrics fall into two categories: youth health and access to healthcare.

Youth Health

  • Youth Drug & Alcohol Rates (8th grade binge drinking/marijuana usage in last 30 days 25% in both counties)*
  • Teen Pregnancy Rate (Jackson County 37 births per 1000 teens, Josephine County is 36 per 1000)*
  • Teen Suicide Rate (8% of youth in both counties attempt suicide)*

Access to Health Care

  • Patient Center Primary Care Home (% of all youth assigned to a PCPCH)
  • Access to oral health care (% of untreated decay in children grades 1-3 in the region 24%)*
  • % of youth receiving annual well health exams*Community Health Assessment 2013