The Southern Oregon ACES Training Team, a partnership led by ACE Interface, Kairos and Southern Oregon Success, is expanding from 6 to 18 members over the next two months, including the addition of our first bilingual presenter.

The team has done over 60 training sessions across all sectors in Jackson and Josephine County since it began its work last June, reaching well over 2000 teachers, administrators, case workers, parents, community members, health care professionals, public safety workers, CASA volunteers and others. The goal for 2017 is to reach another 4000 people in our region to introduce the science and outcomes for trauma-informed approaches.

To schedule a training for any group you are part of (at no cost, thanks to the funding from Jackson Care Connect, AllCare and Primary Health), contact

Southern Oregon Success has set a goal for the year of introducing or expanding trauma-informed practices in every school district in Jackson and Josephine counties, and we’re well on our way to reaching that mark. We’re partnering with AllCare, one of our local Coordinated Care Organizations, to bring training in the PAX Good Behavior game to our elementary school educators, and the response has been outstanding. By early March, three training sessions will have been held, with almost every local district participating.

Interest in this technique has been sparked by the outcomes the Phoenix/Talent schools have seen since putting it into practice. The PAX Good Behavior game is a creative, smart, trauma-informed way to teach student how to self-regulate if they have not developed those skills by the first grade. Phoenix/Talent has seen classroom disruptions in their 1st grade classes drop by an average of 66%, which is why the other districts are now interested!

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We’re also happy to report that Three Rivers School District, in partnership with AllCare, has set the goal of becoming a fully trauma-informed district over the next 18 months. Given the extensive work that’s also being done in the Grants Pass School District, it could be that Josephine County will become the first county in our state with a fully trauma-informed public school system!

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