College and Career for All

Career for All has developed a learner-focused ecosystem of four mutually reinforcing programs:  Dual Credit, Career Related Learning Experiences, Career Technical Education, and STEM Hub.  Collectively, these programs create experiences and

Kids at Careers in Gearpathways to benefit students, teachers, and industries in our regional community.  CC4A serves formal and informal educational organizations in Josephine, Jackson, and Klamath counties, and includes 13 school districts with 8 percent of the state’s school-aged population.

College and Career for All (CC4A) strengthens transitions from high school to college and career, supported by robust partnership of K-12 districts, community and four-year colleges, and workforce development.

This collective effort provides an overarching framework intended to engage and prepare students for success through high school graduation and beyond.


Key Goals are to:

Provide the full range of students (PK-20) with STEM/CTE/Career-Related Learning pathways and experiences that will enhance their knowledge, skills, and attitudes toward STEM

Provide pre-service and in-service educators with STEM/CTE/CRLE learning experiences that will improve their content knowledge, teaching abilities, and attitudes about STEM

Increase the diversity (racial, ethnic, gender, socio-economic, geographic) of students and teachers involved in STEM/CTE/CRLE pathways and activities

Use a collaborative network of formal and informal education organizations, community groups, and business and industry partners to build STEM/CTE/CRLE experiences and skills that will bolster STEM-related businesses and industries in the southern Oregon region

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